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She’s out there somewhere, the woman God has promised Scott. It’s been ten years; has he missed the promise? How can he love a woman he’s never met?

 What happens when a woman he could love enters his life? At the tender age of sixteen, Scott heard God tell him to pray for his future wife, and not to stop till she was revealed to him.  Now, ten years later Scott is still praying and his friends and family think he's foolish, hiding behind a promise that may not even be

.Melanie is a survivor. Her tortured past keeps her from trusting any man and her best friend thinks she hides behind her job to avoid any emotional contact.  When Melanie and Scott meet by accident, they find a connection that makes each of them feel safe and comfortable.Until they realize that they are falling in love.

But is Melanie God's choice for Scott? And if she isn't, how can he give her up? 

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