family family Our Men Nathan, Mark, Caleb and Brandon on a man vacation 103975534 Zoey My foster/granddaughter. 103975536 Photo shoot for Nearly Beloved Well, it was fun. My models, Caleb and my niece Erin, for whom the character was named. 103975537 Waiting Zoey waiting for the love of her life, Uncle Rick. 103975538 My oldest and youngest! Brandon and Melody. 103975539 Middle Melody and my middle child, Caleb. Yah, that his name... 103975540 My mom and dad. 103975541 My grandkids, Madison and Wyatt. 103975542 Isn't he handsome? 103975543 Zoey on a typical day. 103975544 My son when he was in the Marine Corps. Not even Saddam Hussein could stop this wedding because Kristen was in charge. 103975545 My BEAUTIFUL granddaughter and love of my life, Madison. 103975546 Coming home from Iraq. Toledo Blade photo. 103975547 Wyatt the other love of my life on his third birthday 103975548 Zoey updating her Facebook. 103975549 my boys Well, two of them. Number 1 (Caleb Rogers when he was still a single man), Eric, my "adopted" son, (he lives with us) and Number 2, my Caleb. Guess which super hero he loves best? 103986187