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Publishing, pt. 2

Posted by Diana Mylek on January 27, 2011 at 9:50 PM


 Agents also have a slush pile but the way out of this is to send not a manuscript but a query. This can be done electronically through the web or by snail mail. An agent chooses what books they want to represent and then goes to the publisher with them. This is beneficial because they do all the footwork, for a fee and you reap the benefits. However, it is not easy to get an agent.

Agents can be found in The Writer’s Market. Follow their submission directions carefully too, and don’t be afraid to send your query to a major agent! You never know! Also smaller agencies who are “hungry” to be known will want a great book.

Agents have a specific way that they require your query or manuscript to be printed when they read it. Study up! Follow the formula that they ask for and do  not change anything. Every mistake or omission is an opportunity missed. 

Do you need an agent? In some cases, yes. Many times no. But don't let the lack of an agent stop you because there is one more way to be published and I'll write about this tomorrow. 

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