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Posted by Diana Mylek on February 5, 2011 at 12:53 AM

Being self-published, I have to be very vigilant when it comes to changing my books to the right file to upload to web stores. I have already learned one hard lesson by being impulsive--my files were locked and I could  only get to them by paying this company. I fortunately I had backed them up and was able to recover them at no cost. 

You think I would learn. 

Last night I was converting .doc files to epub and couldn't remember how to do it. I Googled for it and read a couple site's information. Looked simple and I did it okay at a college site. But you can only do one a day there and I wanted to get a few books ready for Ingram Distributors who are going to list my books with them. (there is another story of how iUniverse has lost my data and my royalties...but later.) So I found another site, studied it, checked to see if it was legit, looked at a few more sites and then downloaded a converter. Lo and behold. Or better yet, buyer beware. Not only were the three books coverted to epub, they were encoded and locked me out! I can't open them but I *can* if I send $39.95. Then I discovered that every file I moved to my digital folder had been encoded too. And then the file went blank. AND THEN the program disappeared from my computer. Right off my start menu.  HIJACKED! 

I immediately sent a what the heck to the company and of course have not heard back. I've been told by a friend who is a computer wiz (and smart and kind) that it was  probably an overseas company who stole my files and most likely I'd pay and then they would either extort more or take my info and who knows what.  But I cannot get them back. 

So I tell everyone! BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP. You cannot save your files enough or in enough media. Jump drive, external hard drive, cloud...whatever it takes. I have all my files backed up so I still have them but once again I was taken, and I think myself fairly computer literate. 

I'm just thankful that I can still function, but furious at the thieves. 

Also I'm on the fence about ebook mall. They want 19.95 to list my book and want 50% of my cover price. That seems excessive. More research to come....

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