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Posted by Diana Mylek on December 25, 2010 at 9:26 PM

In this time of transition in our family, it's nice that some things never change. Zoey is now with her mother legally and I miss her beautiful little face. I did get to see her for less than five minutes and it was of course not enough, and confusing to Zoey. Tomorrow we will have her overnight but I'm still on my Christmas job so time with her is limited. I hope to change that soon.

Mel has moved to her dorm house in Vermillion and I miss her presence in my house! I never realized how much I depend on her to do things that I couldn't, and my house has suffered because of it. She was home for Christmas and we watched the end of Survivor, a a sappy Christmas movie and played a silly game of Uno. Which Mel won. 

Caleb spent the day with Emily's family, and I'll get used to that. It's all about Emily now, and I'm okay with that! The wedding is going to be January 1 2011. Chirstmas will be all about the wedding next year but I am going to spend it with Brandon and Kristen anyway. Just them and the kids. I owe it to them. 

And so we transition, from parents/foster parents to an empty nest, if our boarder also moves out. I'm so ready for it; I love my kids totally but I'm ready for ME time. Because of our beloved Zoey it's been put off for two years, but now it's go time. And I'm going!

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