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I'm gonna regret this...

Posted by Diana Mylek on December 2, 2010 at 11:18 PM

I did something so stupid and crazy today I can't believe it. I'm still laughing but oh man. It's going to come back to haunt me...

My mom is one of those people who see something on T.V. and get all excited. She has to call everyone she knows and say, "Did  you see (insert show here)? There was a Marine on there!" Or, "I had to call you. There was a dog on this show and..." She calls me and says, "Did you see Good Morning America?" though she knows I haven't been up that early since my kids were in elementary school. Anyway, today our local television station, Channel 11 came to Waterville and I KNEW my mom would be calling me telling me to "QUICK TURN ON THE TELEVISION!". So I decided to one up her. I stood right behind Chrys Peterson, the anchor. Just stood there. Then I waved and mouthed, "HI mom!" Well, Chrys grabbed me and made me talk to her on air. I said something so stupid I can' t believe it, I quoted Major Payne, the movie. I don't even want to REMEMBER it. What I should have said was, "Buy my books on Kindle  and have the best Christmas ever." But that would be too dignified. I am a humor writer, after all...

So my mom was thrilled and I'm sure most of the city of Toledo now knows that Mary Lou's daughter was on TV. Happy now, Mom? Merry Christmas.

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